Laser Marking of folding boxes

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Definition of Task

  • Double lined coding of folding boxes for peanuts with best before date and batch number at a high throughput speed

Special Product Specification

  • The REA CO2 laser was integrated in an existing Bosch packaging machine (with a protective enclosure) and connected to its safety circuit
  • The throughput is 125 boxes per minute
  • The print takes place while the product is not moving and it takes only a split second per box
  • Equipped with a special operation terminal, in which the printing layout is configured, operating errors are almost impossible

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REA JET Solution

  • System: REA-Laser ML 1-S, 10 Watt

» Laser system REA JET Laser ML


Advantages of the REA JET Solution

  • The REA system replaces a rotary printing press which did not provide a satisfying contrast, was prone to wear and tear and was not flexible enough to handle the constant change in printing text
  • The REA laser is a modern, flexible and resource-free technology that allows non-contact printing
  • To avoid operation errors, a special input terminal was developed by REA
  • The print layout is already configured; the operator on the assembly line only has to update the best before date and the batch number


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